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Baby Headbands

Very soft nylon is used for these darling little headbands, so it won't be harsh on your baby's head, but it will still fit nice and snug.

Each headband is made to be 10 inches in diameter to fit a newborns head, but can easily stretch to comfortably fit on an older child's head also.

Each headband has a little ribbon loop on the front of it, so the bow can be changed out if desired. 

If there is a certain color you are wanting for the headband, please let me know and I'll make one for your little lady.

**Hair bow and baby not included in purchase of a headband. :)

Also available in GREEN

 Dark Pink (The picture is not turning out, but I'll try to take another one soon)

 Light Pink


Navy and Black also available


  1. These are absolutely the best headbands! I love the one I purchased for my soon-coming baby girl...can't wait to put it on her pretty little head!

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