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White and Purple

Isn't she pretty?

She's going to make a little girl happy this Christmas.


Last Week's Orders and TWO New Additions.....

White Gerber Daisy
 Red and White Korker Bow
(This is something new I am adding. This bow is 
very simple, but adds a lot of POP to the outfit.)

 Crocheted Baby Headband

Dog Hair Bows 
 Can you believe how cute this little lady is?
 The bows I made for her are Korker bows.
(If you follow the instructions right, these bows are guaranteed to stay in as long as you want them to.)

So, do you have a pet in your life that needs a hair bow?  : )
I have been getting a lot of requests for different kinds of bows that I never would have thought of - THANK YOU!  :)  I just wish I would have remembered to take pictures of all of all of them before I sent them out.

Pink with Dog Prints

School colors - gold and purple
 Leopard print with black

Remember the sky's the limit. 

Have a blessed day!


Some Special-Order Bows...

We are still here and business is still booming.  Thank you, Ladies, for your orders and I hope your little darlings are enjoying their bows. :)

I have been busy with special orders and I have forgotten to take pictures of all of them, but here are three that I did remember to take pictures of. :)

White Layered Bow - This one was made in 6in and 4 in

Black Layered Dressy Bow
I know it's hard to see, but it has ribbon for the bigger bow, 
sheer for the top bow and a velvet flower in the center.
Very pretty and dressy!

Cream Layered Loop Bow
My little niece wore this for a wedding she was in!
I have made more ponytails that I can count and I wish I would have remembered to take pictures of all of them.

Thanks again for your orders!

Have a blessed day!


More Pony Tails

I've had a lot of requests of pony tails, so here are some that were made and gone already.  Of course, I can make more. :)


Pink and Brown

Pink and Green Camo

Red Lady bug

Navy, White and Red



Lavender Flowered


More Pinwheels...

Pink and Green Camo - 4 inch Layered Pinwheel
This is on a barrette.

Red Lady Bug - 3 inch Layered Pinwheel

Navy Polka Dot - 4 inch Pinwheel

Pink and Brown Flowered - 3 1/2 inch Pinwheel

Blue Bandanna - 4 1/2 Layered Pinwheel 
(I'm sorry this is washed out, it's actually very cute)

Purple and Pink Polka Dot - 4 inch Pinwheel

Pink and Brown Polka Dot - 4 inch Pinwheel

Pretty Ponytails

These cute little ponytails are simple way to add a colorful touch.  I love them.  Each tail is 6 inches long and the ends are sealed to prevent fraying of the ribbon.

Pink and Green Flowers

Pink and Brown

Black and White

Pink and Green Polka Dots

Black, White and Red


My Very First Giveaway!

Congratulations, Tanya!!

A very sweet friend is having a giveaway for my bows.  The winner gets to choose 3 hair items!  I think it will be a lot of fun and I hope *YOU* win!!!

So hop on over to Grace's Blog and see what you need to do to sign up!

I wish all of you the best! :)

Thank you, Grace!


Thank You!

I would like to thank each of you that have placed an order.  I am SO excited to be sending bows, headbands and pony tails out. :)  Thank you for your kind and encouraging words! 

So far, I've sent to Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Florida and Canada and the Hair Bow Shop hasn't even been open for a week, yet!   THANK YOU!!

I have more orders to fill and send out! :)  I also have more ribbon, so that means NEW BOWS COMING SOON!!!!

Thank you SO very much!  Keep them coming, there are a LOT more where these came from. :)

Have a wonderful day!


Layered Bows

Pretty in Pink - 4 1/2 inch Layered Bow

Black and Red - approx 4 1/2 inch Layered Bow

Fun Summer Boutique Bows

Pink Flowered - 4 inch Boutique Bow
Green Polka Dot Bumble Bee - 4 inch Boutique Bow

Brown & Orange - 4 inch Boutique Bow

For Your Information

Each hair bow is on a "clip" unless otherwise pictured.  If you see a bow that you like, but it is not on the type of hair device you would prefer (clip, or barrette), just drop me an e-mail, or leave a comment stating what you want and I'll be happy to make one for you on the type of hair clip, or barrette you would like.

I am happy to do costume hair bows.  If there is a certain ribbon you are wanting a bow made out of, or if there is a certain color you are wanting, just drop me a line and let me know.

If you have any questions, or comments I would love to hear them.

My Little Lady Bug

4 inch Layered Bow


Boutique Bows

Orange Flower Boutique Bow.....approximately 4 1/2 inches.

Pink and Green 4 1/2 inch Layered Boutique Bow


Baby Headbands

Very soft nylon is used for these darling little headbands, so it won't be harsh on your baby's head, but it will still fit nice and snug.

Each headband is made to be 10 inches in diameter to fit a newborns head, but can easily stretch to comfortably fit on an older child's head also.

Each headband has a little ribbon loop on the front of it, so the bow can be changed out if desired. 

If there is a certain color you are wanting for the headband, please let me know and I'll make one for your little lady.

**Hair bow and baby not included in purchase of a headband. :)

Also available in GREEN

 Dark Pink (The picture is not turning out, but I'll try to take another one soon)

 Light Pink


Navy and Black also available